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An Update From the American Kratom Association

The AKA just distributed their latest E-mail update and it comes hot on the heels of their most recent battles in the ever-present fight against kratom bans across the nation. The American Kratom Association have selflessly spent an incredible amount of time and resources traveling to governmental hearings, committees, town halls, and similar events to offer education, factual data, and testimonials from people just like you for whom kratom has been an invaluable asset in life.

On September 13th the AKA testified in Wisconsin's public hearing on AB393 to remove their kratom ban and pass consumer protection measures. Although no vote was taken, the AKA estimates that one will be held within a few weeks following the hearing. In the E-mail sent to their supporters, the AKA wrote, "The hearing went over three hours and numerous medical and law enforcement groups testified against kratom consumer protection, but overall the AKA team and kratom advocates did a fantastic job sharing the science and real life testimonials of why kratom protection matters."

In the E-mail the AKA also reminded everyone that the Ohio Senate will hold a hearing on the Ohio Kratom Consumer Protection Act on Wednesday September 27th at 9:30 am. If you're in Ohio and you can find the time, consider making your voice heard and let your legislators know how kratom has helped you.

In this video, Matt takes a moment to thank all of AKA's generous supporters for all the hard work and donations they've provided to make this all possible.


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